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These are some of my favorite resources from around the interwebs*


Physician Finances & Lifestyle

The Physician Philosopher

The White Coat Investor

Physician On Fire


The Investment Answer

Paul Merriman’s Investment Ideas

Cash Flow Tracking & Account Aggregation

You Need A Budget


Personal Capital

Financial Calculators

Networthify Early Retirement Calculator

The Student Loan Planner Calculator

Zillow’s Mortgage Calculator

Practice Management

ASRA Practice Management Resources

ASA Practice Management Resources

AAPM Practice Management Resources

Other Free & Useful Stuff

Credit Karma


Career & Contacts

Digital Pain Society

Physician Employment Offer Toolkit

My legal department requires me to tell you that the listings on this site are not an endorsement of all content contained therein.  I have found these resources to be helpful and useful but you should use common sense and a paid professional when necessary to solve complex problems in finances, taxes, law, healthcare compliance, or practice management.

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